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Labels & Units

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Labels vs. No Labels

If you want no label text at all, you can turn them all off by unchecking the “Show Labels” checkbox.

You might use this approach if:

  • you are intending to apply your own custom labels in a separate graphics program
  • you are making a series of consistently-formatted small multiples which will have a separate legend describing them
  • you are making a tidy thumbnail version of a diagram
  • you are making artistic patterns that you don't want to clutter up with text
  • ...and more.

With Labels Shown:
Example with labels

With No Labels Shown:
Example without labels

Additional controls

Listed below are other attributes you can control about how labels are presented. These controls are found under “Labels & Units” and are fairly self-explanatory.

  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Font face - can be set to sans-serif, serif, or monospace
  • Font weight - Light or Normal or Bold. (Note: Light only applies to the sans-serif font face)

Specifying Unit Labels

PrefixSuffixSample Output

To label the values, use the “Label Prefix” and “Label Suffix” fields.

Note: SankeyMATIC does not trim whitespace in labels, so starting a suffix with a space will produce a space between the amount and the suffix. (This can make some labels more readable.)

Example: Suffix="QBTU" (no space):
Example with no space before suffix
Example: Suffix=" QBTU" (with space):
Example with a space before suffix

Show Totals in Node Labels?

Showing Node totals in labels can make the diagram nicely specific, but doing so can require a lot of horizontal room to keep the labels from intruding on other nodes.

You have the option of leaving out the specific node totals by unchecking the “Show Node totals as part of labels” checkbox.

Example: No totals shown:
(Compare with above)
Example with no node totals
Note: With the extra room, the
font size now has some room to grow:
Example with no totals and bigger font

Numeric Precision in Labels

Normally SankeyMATIC will remove any trailing decimal 0s from the labels it produces. However, for some applications (like dollars and cents) this can produce strange-looking output.

Check the “Always show full precision” checkbox to keep SankeyMATIC from removing the trailing 0s:

“Always show full precision” is OFF.
Example with no space before suffix
“Always show full precision” is ON.
Example with a space before suffix