New Feature: Better user experience when a diagram does not add up


  • SankeyMATIC treated any imbalance as an error and produced a prominent warning at the top of the page.
  • The list was not formatted in an easy-to-read fashion.
  • There was a way to turn off the check for balanced nodes, but that checkbox was buried in the Advanced settings panel and difficult to discover.

Now, SankeyMATIC will let you know that there are nodes with differences (not imbalances).

  • The notification is now below the diagram, not above (since it does not need to urgently grab your attention.)
  • The list of differences is now displayed in a more readable table.
  • The checkbox to stop listing differences is just above the list, making it much easier to find and use.
Screenshot of the old SankeyMATIC warning about node values not matching, starting with 'The Flow Cross-Checker found some imbalances'.

Screenshot of the new SankeyMATIC differences list. There is now a checkbox which controls whether you want to see the  differences, and the list is organized in a table to be more easily read.
When ‘list the differences’ is unchecked:
Screenshot of the new SankeyMATIC display when the box to list differences is unchecked. No list of differences is shown.