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New, improved News Page!

This News page is now a proper weblog, no longer a manually-maintained static page.

This means several good things:

It’s easier to update!
Making a new post takes way less effort than it did before, and I plan to take advantage of that to post updates here much more often.

A bunch of history has been filled in.
See the “Archives” section in the sidebar for links to many past posts I have cross-posted from the site’s Mastodon account at (The newest item on this page until a couple of days ago was from late 2022, so there was a lot to fill in.)

There’s an RSS Feed now, to make it easier to follow updates here if you are so inclined.

This section now has a lot of the other benefits of an actual blog – there’s a Search box, and posts can be categorized & tagged, and on and on.

You’ll be seeing more here soon!


I haven’t written much about my development approach to this project –

It’s not TDD, not BDD, but EDD:
“Embarrassment-Driven Development”.

Basically years of conversations with myself that go like this:

– “Hey, [cool advanced feature] would be really awesome.”
– “It doesn’t support [extremely basic feature] yet though, Steve.”
– “Ouch. You’re right. That’s just embarrassing. Let’s do that first.”

…and repeat, endlessly.

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