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17 April 2022

New Feature: Control your diagram's Spacing with a slider!

In the past, you could type a number to set the spacing between each Node in a column, but:

Now, you have a 'Spacing' slider which gives you an easy way to try out many different spacing approaches without needing to guess at a specific number.

And as a bonus, the look of your diagram will be preserved even when you change the height or margins.

Here is a short animation showing the feature in action:

Animation showing the SankeyMATIC interface with the new Spacing slider. Sliding the thumb to '0' removes all the space it can, making the flow diagram look more like a simple horizontal bar graph. Sliding the thumb to 'Max' makes the flows as thin as they can be (without making them disappear entirely).

One thing to keep in mind: The more spacing you add, the harder it becomes to accurately compare flow sizes, as you can see above.

Try it out! It’s actually pretty fun to experiment with.

(Honestly, it's one of my favorite features ever.)

More fixes

6 March 2022

New Feature: Better Color Selection Tools

Now, choosing a color theme for your Nodes is much more flexible and fun.

Screenshot showing the updated SankeyMATIC Nodes interface with the new section 'Default Node Colors' highlighted. This section presents radio buttons which select between 4 themes. Next to each theme's name is a display showing all of that theme's colors. On the left and right sides of the color groups are arrow buttons. These buttons control which color the theme begins with.

Additional changes:

January 2022

New Feature: Straight Flows

Tiny example Sankey diagram showing flows which curve a little bit
Still a little curved...
Tiny example Sankey diagram showing flows which are completely flat
Totally flat!

SankeyMATIC has long had the ability to adjust the curvature of flows with a slider labeled Curviness.

However, it has not had the ability to remove all bends from the flows, since that actually requires a different drawing approach. (Straight or flat flows are really parallelograms, and no Bezier curve is going to produce that shape.)

That problem is now solved.

Setting the Curviness slider all the way to the left now produces truly straight flows.

New Feature: Extra Large image download format: 6x

Screenshot showing the SankeyMATIC Export PNG interface with the option '6x - XL' chosen

For people who want higher-resolution output, there is now a 6x PNG image export option.

New SankeyMATIC Logo!

SankeyMATIC logo

The new 'S' logo will be used:

Better filenames for downloaded images

Downloaded PNG image files now have a date/time stamp in the name, like: sankeymatic_20220130_155723_600x400.png.

Added "Made with SankeyMATIC" tag

Screenshot showing the 'Made with SankeyMATIC' text in a diagram and the checkbox you can use to remove it

When people post their SankeyMATIC diagrams to social media, it's very common for others to ask: "What did you use to make that?"

I've added a Made with SankeyMATIC tag to diagrams by default to help answer the question before people ask it.

For anyone who does not want the "Made with SankeyMATIC" tag, there is a simple nearby checkbox, plainly visible, to remove it.

Other minor changes

December 2021

New Feature: Sliders now produce 'live' changes

Small screenshot showing the 'Curviness' slider from the SankeyMATIC Build page

Appearance controls which use sliders (examples: Curviness, Node Opacity, Flow Opacity, Border Width) now make immediate changes to the diagram as you drag them.

This makes it much easier to observe what each slider is doing and to precisely pick the value you want.

Added multiple sample diagrams

Thumbnail image of the sample Sankey diagram for a Job Search   Thumbnail image of the sample Sankey diagram for a Ranked Election   Thumbnail image of the sample Sankey diagram for a Basic Budget

Now there are 3 different diagrams you can use as starting points when you first begin.

Note: When you have made any changes to the Inputs field, choosing a new base diagram will alert you that you will lose your changes if you continue.

Other minor changes

November 2021

New Feature: Better user experience when a diagram does not add up

Screenshot of the old SankeyMATIC warning about node values not matching, starting with 'The Flow Cross-Checker found some imbalances'.

Screenshot of the new SankeyMATIC differences list. There is now a checkbox which controls whether you want to see the  differences, and the list is organized in a table to be more easily read.
When 'list the differences' is unchecked:
Screenshot of the new SankeyMATIC display when the box to list differences is unchecked. No list of differences is shown.


Now, SankeyMATIC will let you know that there are nodes with differences (not imbalances).


(I hope to backfill more of the history here, but until then, the 'history' link below is another place to look.)

Detailed SankeyMATIC version history at GitHub