New Sample Diagram: “Journey”

There’s a new Sample Diagram to try out at the top of the Build-a-Diagram page: Journey, which demonstrates how you can produce traceable paths for multiple players across multiple stages by using a specific approach to encoding your data.

It was added in February of this year. The conditions required for this kind of diagram to work are:

  • Each flow maintains a single color from start to end.
  • All flows for a particular player must be listed together.
  • The “Arrange the Diagram” control must be set to “Using the exact input order”.

In the sample diagram, every flow for every player has the same value (1), but that condition isn’t absolutely necessary as long as the other conditions are met.

This diagram style can be used for such things as a ranking chart for team standings in a league (sometimes called a “bump chart”).

This post prompted me to go track down when each of the other sample diagram types was added, for comparison:

New Site Section: Data

I’ve added a new tab to the top menu bar: Data: Interesting Diagrams from the Real World.

The first examples there show financial results for companies over time, with the first (of several) being Apple.

You may have already seen such diagrams presented elsewhere in Sankey form. What’s new here is:

  1. Each diagram is overlaid on the same period’s results from the year before
  2. There’s a slider so you can compare them.

Here’s a static screenshot of one:

(Note that on the page itself, you’ll also get some highlighting & tooltips when hovering that you can’t see in this image.)

And here’s an animated example showing Apple’s 2024 results and a slider revealing the prior year’s results:

Animation. A sankey diagram describing Apple's Q1 2024 results is shown. 

A slider bar at the right of the diagram is grabbed by a mouse pointer and is dragged to the left of the diagram, revealing a diagram of Apple's 2023 Q1 results for comparison.

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