New Feature: Better Color Selection Tools

Now, choosing a color theme for your Nodes is much more flexible and fun.

  • There are now four updated themes to choose from (up from 3). For more about these color schemes, visit the d3 color scales page.
  • Each theme’s colors are visible at all times.
  • You can now rotate the colors within a theme so that SankeyMATIC will start assigning colors from any point in the list that you choose.Click the “<” and “>” buttons for your selected theme to adjust the starting point.
  • Every color in every theme will reveal its color code when you hover over it.This is handy if you want to adopt one specific color in your inputs.
    • Example: Screenshot showing a mouse hovering over a single color in a theme. A tooltip appears with this text: #e7298a from d3 color scheme Dark2.
  • Try it out!

Additional changes:

  • SankeyMATIC now uses version 7.3.0 of the d3.js library (a major upgrade from version 2.10.3)
  • Labels for selected radio buttons and checkboxes are now highlighted with color to make them easier to find.Labels for un-selected radio buttons and checkboxes are now dark gray instead of black.