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A string of characters naming a unique Node. It can contain nearly anything, including emoji, with the exception of strings that look like an [Amount] or a #Color (see below).


2023/06 Amount

️🎉 Profit 🎉


An integer or decimal number greater than 0.

Use no commas or unit type indicators.




An HTML Color, in the form #rgb or #rrggbb (case insensitive).

For the specific precedence rules which will determine the color of each Flow and Node, see the Colors manual page.




A decimal suffix for a Color which controls the color's opacity.

Allowable values range from .0 (transparent) to .9999 (solid/opaque).

The default Flow Opacity is 0.45.



SankeyMATIC Input Line Types

Comments: // any content

  • Annotate your source data by starting a line with two slashes.
  • Comment lines are skipped and do not affect the diagram.
  • (Comments are also useful if you want to temporarily hide or disable a source line without deleting it.)

Example: // Source URL for this data:


  • Blank lines are ignored. You can use them to separate sections of your source data, to make it easier to read.


In each Flow line, Amount flows from the SourceNodeName to the TargetNodeName.

SourceNodeName [Amount] TargetNodeName = A basic Flow, using the default Flow Color & Opacity

SourceNodeName [Amount] TargetNodeName #Color = A Flow with a custom Color, using the default Flow Opacity

SourceNodeName [Amount] TargetNodeName #Color.Opacity = A Flow with a custom Color & Opacity


Prior Cash On Hand [72954.53] Total Funds

  • This line means that 72,954.53 is flowing FROM “Prior Cash On Hand” TO “Total Funds”.
  • The default Flow Color and default Flow Opacity will be used.

Deficit Borrowing [366.6] 1993 Budget #990000

  • Indicates that 366.6 is flowing FROM “Borrowing to cover deficit” TO “1993 Budget
  • The Flow is colored dark red (#990000)
  • Uses the default Flow Opacity

Electricity grid [7.863] Rail transport #F90.7

  • Shows 7.863 flowing FROM “Electricity grid” TO “Rail transport
  • The Flow is colored orange (#F90)
  • The Flow’s Opacity is 0.7 (near-solid).


Node lines are optional. At this time they are only used to declare a custom color for a Node and (optionally) to paint the flows in or out of the Node with that color.

:NodeName #Color

Sets a custom Color for NodeName

:NodeName #Color >>

Paints all Flows FROM this Node with the same color

:NodeName #Color <<

Paints all Flows TO this Node with the same color

:NodeName #Color << >>

Paints all Flows TO and FROM this Node with the same color


:Surplus Energy #090

  • The Node named “Surplus Energy” will be colored bright green (#090).

:Surplus Energy #090 >>

  • Any Flows FROM “Surplus Energy” will also be colored bright green, using the default Flow Opacity.

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